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The Maryland Athletic Trainers' Association (MATA) is a professional organization for athletic trainers and other health care practitioners who support the advancement of the profession of athletic training within the state of Maryland. Founded in 1983, it is comprised of over 500 NATABOC Certified Athletic Trainers, physicians, concerned health care providers and students.
Our Objectives

• to encourage and support the
professional development of its members

• to provide a means for the exchange of ideas

• to work to ensure that all individuals within the state of Maryland have access to quality health care

• to provide a source of service, education and reference to its members and to the citizens of Maryland who seek the services of Athletic Trainers

We Are

• AMA recognized health care professionals

• Unique health care providers working under the supervision of a licensed physician to provide assessment, treatment and rehabilitative services to patients

• Educated in the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of medical conditions resulting from injury and illness

• Qualified providers of rehabilitative medicine and preventative service


Latest News

Important Information from the Athletic Training Advisory Committee Regarding License Renewal

Only Original paperwork for Applications for Licensure of Athletic Trainiers and Applications for Evaluation & Treatment Protocol will be accepted for processing by the Maryland Board of Physicians (MBP)! Faxes and Copies will not be accepted, as all  signatures must be easily identified as originals. Applicants should make copies of their original documentation for themselves,and their supervising physician, and alternate supervising physician for everyone's records prior to submitting their applications to the MBP. All non-original applications will be returned to the applicant, instructing them to resubmit their original paperwork in order to be processed. This requirement will delay the applicants processing and subsequent ability to practice in the State.

All paperwork should be reviewed prior to submitting it to the MBP to make certain that all sections are answered completely. The Maryland Board of Physicians Athletic Training Advisory Committee is receiving many E&T Applications for review at our monthly meetings that are apparently hurriedly done, with missing information, and other mistakes...Take your time when completing these applications.

E&T Protocol Termination - The MBP Legal Counsel informed the ATAC members that all terminations are required to be reported to the MBP! Under the Health Occupations Title 14-5D Athletic Trainers statute, 14-5D-11.2 requires that the employer or physician shall notify the MBP within 10 days of the termination. Furthermore, he stated that COMAR lists several specific reasons for a termination, and that the reason must be reported to the MBP. Please refer to the MBP website and under Allied Health look for the termination form for use in reporting a termination event. The MBP is required to impose civil fines for failure to report termination events. Effective July 31, 2017.

New Requirement of Criminal History Records Check for License Renewal - Everyone should have received a letter from the Maryland Board of Physicians detailing this new requirement for all Maryland Board of Physicians licensees. All those athletic trainers whose license expires on September 30th, 2017 must obtain a Criminal History Records Check as a new requirement for license renewal. The time frame to get this requirement completed began on August 7th, 2017 and runs through September 30th, 2017. See the MBP website for more information

MATA Mentor List
The Young Professionals Committee has worked hard to develop a list of of certified athletic trainers who are willing to be mentors to AT students and newly certified athletic trainers. It is here to provide a resource when those young professionals have questions about a specific setting. It can be accessed HERE.

Members – we are now posting the monthly MATA E-Blasts here on the site. You view them in the archive by clicking HERE

The CEU Calendar has been updated with more dates for CEU events in 2017. Check back often. 

Attention Athletic Trainers - have you signed up for your NPI Number? If you are unsure or if you need to take this important step to help our profession, please visit

Anyone wishing to post a Continuing Education Event to the MATA Calendar or have it sent to the members via the list serv should contact Brian Bradshaw, the chair of the Website and Electronic Communication Committee. He can be reached at

Please CLICK HERE for a document helping you navigate the site. It outlines where to find any information you may be looking for.

If you currently do not have access to the web site or the members list serv, please contact Brian Bradshaw ( for access to the site and/or addition to the list serv.

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