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    Hall of Fame
The MATA Athletic Trainer Hall of Fame award is a prestigious honor that recognizes qualified MATA members for their exceptional and unique contributions to the athletic training profession. This is a State award, which reflects a lifetime of dedication to the Association and the field of athletic training on the state level.

MATA Hall of Fame Nominations must come from sponsors, who are to be individuals who live and/or work in the state of Maryland

Eligibility: To be eligible for nomination, individuals must have 20 years certified membership in the NATA and have 10 years in the MATA. Current NATA Hall of Fame members will not be considered for the MATA Athletic Trainer Hall of Fame Award. Current MATA Officers are not eligible for the MATA Hall of Fame Award.  Candidates who are currently active members of the NATA must be in good standing with the BOC and the state regulatory act.

Nomination Procedures:
  Members who wish to nominate a deserving colleague should submit the following information by email to Hall of Fame Committee Chair Marty Sataloff at

Nominators Name
Nominators Email
Nominators Phone
Nominees Name
Nominees Email
Nominees Phone

Upon receiving the nomination, the nominee will be sent the Nomination Application to be completed by the deadline contained within the application.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Class of 2018 - Peter Kotz

             Class of 2015 - Steve Kinsey
Steve Kinsey

Class of 2014 - No Inductees

Class of 2013 - No Inductees 

Class of 2012 - Neil MacDonald

Class of 2011 - No inductees

Class of 2010 - Lori Bristow and Gail Parr

From Left to Right:
Inductee Lori Bristow, MATA President TJ Morgan, Inductee Gail Parr

Class of 2009 - Gary Horsman, Paul Welliver, Tony Zaloga

Gary Horsman

Paul Welliver (left)

Tony Zaloga

Class of 2008 - Richie Bancells and John Bielawski

Richie Bancells

John Bielawski

Class of 2007 - Marty Sataloff

Marty Sataloff

Class of 2006 - Dr. Joe Martire, Terry O'Brien, Red Romo

Dr. Joe Martire

Terry O'Brien

Red Romo

Class of 2005 - Inaugural Class - Ed Block, JJ Bush, Ray Chronister, Pat Lamboni, John Lopez, Ralph Salvon, Dr. Dan Welliver

Ed Block (John Lopez accepting)

JJ Bush

Ray Chronister

Pat Lamboni

John Lopez

Ralph Salvon (Mike Flanagan accepting)
Dr. Dan Welliver (Paul Welliver accepting)