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    Presidential Award of Merit

The Presidential Award of Merit recognizes an organization or non athletic trainer medical or allied health medical provider. The purpose of the award is to recognize an organization or individual that has put forth tremendous efforts at promoting the profession of athletic training either through ongoing efforts that recognize athletic trainers or activities that highlight the profession to more than just other health care providers. The winner of this award will have shown clear dedication to athletic trainers, a fundamental recognition of the unique skill set athletic trainers possess and a consistent effort to encourage appropriate ways to utilize these skilled providers. This award may or may not be given annually.

The process for nominating an individual is restricted. When the Nominations period opens up, the President shall solicit Honors and Awards Committee members for names of candidates they believe to be worthy of the award. The President will then take those names into consideration and decide on recipients.
Presidential Award of Merit Recipients 

2018 - Dr. Samuel Matz

2017 - Dr. Valerie Cothran

2016 - Dr. Thomas Brandon 

2015 - Bill Pitcher and Julia Worcester

Bill Pitcher 

Julia Worcester 

2014 - Sylvan Levin and Dr. Andrew Tucker 

Sylvan Levin 

Dr. Andrew Tucker  

2013 - Jack Kaeufer and Dr. Charles "Chic" Silberstein

Jack Kaeufer (accepted by Steve Kaeufer)

Dr. Charles "Chic" Silberstein

2012 - Dr. Bill Howard 

Dr. Bill Howard