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The Request Athletic Training Services Page where individuals looking for PER DIEM athletic training services may submit their requests. It should be noted that once these requests are submitted, they are posted to the MATA List Serv which goes out to the athletic trainers within the state of Maryland. Simply submitting the form DOES NOT GUARANTEE that an athletic trainer will respond to your request.

Here are some suggestions for improving the likelihood of securing an athletic trainer for your event.

• The common going rate for athletic training services is between $30 to $40 an hour

• Provide accurate means to contact you directly

• Please be specific as to the needs of your event:

  • Will you be needing athletic training services or just first aid services
  • How many athletes / teams will be present
  • How long will the event last
  • Will the athletic trainer be required to provide their own supplies, will they be reimbursed for using their supplies or will supplies be provided for them
  • Will food be provided
  • How will the athletic trainer be paid – cash at the end of the day, check at the end of the day, or paid at a later date


The MATA will be released from all harm and will not be held liable for any Athletic Trainer providing care at the event.  It is the company and/or employers sole responsibility to check if the ATC you hire is working under a current license and within their E&T protocol.  By posting this event the company and/or employer takes full responsibility that there is an acceptable Athletic Trainer to athlete ratio, AED on site, and an Emergency Action Plan in place and reviewed with all appropriate staff prior to the start of the activity and the Athletic Trainer is compensated at a fair and marketable wage. 

Request for Athletic Training Services

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Request for Athletic Training Services

As of October 1, 2011, Certified Athletic Trainers in the state of Maryland are now licensed by the Maryland Board of Physicians. As a result, the way athletic trainers provide service has changed. The skill set they can provide is based solely on the Evaluation and Treatment protocol they have with their supervising physician. This may severely limit the pool of athletic trainers that can respond to your request. If you require them to practice athletic training to work your event, you must ensure they have a valid evaluation and treatment protocol that will allow them to do this while working for your event. If you run a tournament yearly, you may want to consider aligning with a physician who will sign off on an evaluation and treatment protocol for athletic trainers who frequently work for you. Please consider this important information when making your request for services.